Excerpt from “Eternal”


I couldn’t believe that I had been so far gone that my charge hadn’t even crossed my mind.

Glancing back over my shoulder and seeing Dominic fast asleep wearing nothing but my sheet over his hip, it was easy to see why.

I was about to succumb to the temptation to run my fingers along his heated skin to wake him for another round, when I felt a tugging in my mind.

“Oh not now not now not now.” I begged silently, dropping the guard reluctantly knowing that Jude would never let me concentrate anyway.

“What now?” I demanded rather curtly in my thoughts.

“I know I interrupted sweetheart, but I think it’s time you got back to work, don’t you?”

I growled inwardly and he chuckled thoroughly amused at my frustration.

“You know it’s time, I’ve let you play house long enough without the slightest annoyance, but I’m fading even more here without the distraction of his girlfriend to keep him interested in searching his mind for answers. This new-found peace of his, in her absence, is causing him to be stagnant and happily complacent. Good for him in a sense, bad for me.”

“I get that.” I really did understand.

“Knew you would. We start up again tomorrow, so enjoy lover-boy. And hey, sometimes a gift is just a gift, don’t always go looking for answers, they aren’t always there.”


Why you Should Write that Review

certification-571151_1920We all invest time and effort into purchasing products, including, but not limited to books.

Often in the hustle and bustle of life we forget to offer feedback, not stopping to think of reviewing those things we have come out of pocket for. But even if you are given something for free, that can be reviewed and critiqued, you should definitely take a few minutes out of your day/evening/night and give your honest feedback. Of course, as an author, I love my 5 star reviews, and if those people really feel that way I adore that!

However, I know that I’m not a five star read for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay. How will I ever grow as a writer if I can’t or don’t get constructive criticism? As an aside, any products that you purchase also have room for improvement, but they can’t do that without your feedback, and your help. YOU have a responsibility as a consumer to tell any of us who offer you a service or product how we can improve.

I don’t mean be brutal, and cruel, I mean constructively critique the things you invest time, money and effort into. Any of us that truly want to be the best we can, appreciate your honest input, and we will take those critiques to heart and use them to improve ourselves, which in essence creates a better product for you. It’s a win/win.

So be thoughtful and vigilant when it comes to completing the consumer cycle. After all, if you’re like me, you read reviews before buying – so help out others who do the same. Offer them your sage advice about the product/book they’re considering purchasing. It’s definitely worth the few minutes of time you take to do so.

And we all appreciate it.

Book Review: Lux Mori (The Novae Terrae Series)

I am so appreciative of this review. It is amazing. Thank you so much!

Oh What's That?

So, ok here’s the deal. I read books.

Granted, it’s normally like a service manual or something educational but I love a good story from time to time. I just recently picked up a new book called Lux Mori with thesubtitleThe Novae Terrae Series.

Written by a duo named Valkyrie Lake and Dymphna Dreamer, it was a great read, in my opinion! I like a really good, imaginative sci-fi theme and this definitely has it in spades. There are ideas and elements that I have personally never encountered in a typical science fiction book and believe me, there are a lot of interesting elements happening here!

Here is the synopsis from their Amazon page:

“When the great storms scourged the earth, the inhabitants split into factions. Those who were wealthy enough boarded great ships and ventured into space, taking their fortune and knowledge with them. Those who were less…

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NaNo-2017-Participant-Facebook-Cover (1)

This year I have co-authored a Science Fiction book that is now published on several platforms – Amazon being the most popular go-to, I have two other individual works in progress, two co-author works in progress, I write erotica on the side, and because that can’t be nearly enough to keep me busy, let’s throw in NaNoWriMo shall we?

Why not?!

This is the first year that I have chosen to embark on the National Novel Writing Month challenge, and have pledged to write a novel of at least 50,000 words for the month of November.

Goddess help me, someone needs to. *insert laughter here*

That’s okay, I like a challenge.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

If you are, be my buddy on there – I’m gonna need all I can get!

You can find me there >> Dymphna Dreamer

Happy writing, y’all!

No Love Comes Without Sacrifice

Dominic and Aurora are soul mates.
The Universe is on their side.
Love is on their side.
But they need timing to be on their side, and as they say, “timing is a bitch.”
Will her calling as a guide, and his poor choices for his present incarnation tear them apart?
Has he already lost her to another?
It’s a complicated story, filled with obstacles and riddled with pain.
Come along on their journey as they try to see if they can live without one another – their whole story will be out soon. Until then, you’ll catch glimpses of them.